Cross Sport

Vero Beach Athletic Club would like to introduce Cross Sport and Cross Sport Extreme! Cross Sport incorporates some of the movements of all sports along with the different types of strength at the same time. We will condition you for all strengths; Absolute Strength, Speed Strength, Starting and Explosive Strength, Anaerobic Strength, Linear and Non Linear Strength and or Aerobic Strength.

Depending on the workout of the day different forms of strength will be worked on in the right combinations to get you in the best condition you'll ever be in. You can condition for any sport or get in great shape while having fun with different sport training movements including martial arts.

Cross Sport was designed to not only to train competitive and non-competitive athletes but it's also very functional for all levels of body movement practitioners; general conditioning, rehabilitation, post-rehabilitation, reconditioning and flexibility for in season and off season athletes and more. The diversity and ability of Cross Sports training is endless!

We would like to invite you to come and try a week of classes and see for yourself what fun you can have while working out!

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